Outback MAX 1.4 Update

Apr 30 2014

On this product update, Brent Newkirk (Director of Aftermarket Sales) talks with John Lueger (Director of Product Management) and Chad Hinton (Customer & Technical Service Manager) to discuss the software update of the Outback MAX and Outback AC110 Application Control products.

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Outback MAX new features and benefits (John)

  • ISOBUS Task Controller – single product. If you have an ISOBUS implement, you can plug in through a break away connector and plug in through the MAX terminal, for example. This should minimize the number of terminals you have inside of your cab.
  • All the different ECUs we have tested with are listed on the ISO matrix.

AC110 Application Control system

  • Low Flow Prevention – Allows system to maintain tip pressure, even if the ground speed is reduced. This can be very helpful when crossing over a ditch, for example, when your speed slows down. Typically your tips would shut off at a certain speed, due to low pressure, but this will continually apply product at slower speeds.
  • Valve Advance –This is an automatic adjustment, prior to exiting a headland, which helps avoid pressure drops under hard acceleration.
  • Support for PWM valves on the liquid rate control - Two different PWM settings within MAX allow the user to control liquid sprayers with PWM valves.

Installing the software on the Outback MAX and the AC110: (Chad Hinton)

  • Visit Outback Guidance website, click on the Support page, choose Software Updates and choose your terminal.
  • Unzip the file after downloading, run the installer to put software on the thumbdrive. Then, insert the thumbdrive into MAX and boot up your MAX.
  • This installation process could take between 15 minutes and an hour to install, depending on what software you have installed already.
  • When updating the AC110, make sure to do a step update – get each update and apply in order.
  • The AC110 software update will be listed with the MAX software and downloadable in a zip format.

Additional Information

  • Customer Service: 1-800-247-3808 Option 1 for Outback