Since the beginning, in 2001, Outback Guidance has been dedicated to delivering advanced precision farming systems that are easy to use and affordable. With dedicated customer service and innovative products, we have grown to become one of the world’s leading aftermarket suppliers of GPS systems for agriculture, shipping from our distribution and support centers in Hiawatha Kansas, Winnipeg Canada and Brisbane, Australia. We understand the needs of today’s 21st century farmer and are well-positioned to meet your needs.


    Outback’s first guidance system.

  2. Outback 360

    Add on mapping system.

  3. Outback eDrive

    First hydraulic auto steer with Auto Engage.


    Guidance system with improved accuracy with the introduction of the Crescent receiver.

  5. Baseline HD/X


    Outback’s first touch screen guidance system.

  7. Automate

    10 section row shut off.

  8. Outback STS

    7 inch touchscreen guidance and mapping system.

  9. A220

  10. VSi

    Outback’s first electric steering wheel solution.

  11. eDriveX

    Outback’s first centimeter level autosteer.

  12. AC110

    10 section – rate and section control unit.

  13. STX

    7 inch touchscreen terminal – RTK + centimeter steering compatible

  14. S Lite

  15. Outback MAX

    10.4 inch Terminal with ISO, camera input and VR functionality

  16. A321

  17. XD/XC

    All new decimeter and centimeter level ECU’s.

  18. ESi

    High torque electric wheel replacement

  19. Outback Rebel 7 & 10

    Latest Generation 7 and 10 inch touch screen terminals.

  20. Outback A222

    All-in-One smart antenna.

  21. Atlas

    GPS based high accuracy correction service owned by Hemisphere GNSS.

  22. Outback ESi²

    High torque low profile electric steering wheel replacement.

  23. Outback A631

    All-in-one, Triple-Frequency, Multi-GNSS Receiver Solution smart antenna.

  24. Outback A631 Base Station

    All-in-one, Triple-Frequency, Multi-GNSS Receiver Solution.

  25. eDriveM1

  26. MaveriX