Warranty & Service Plans


Extended Service Plan

One-Year ESP Standard Warranty


Outback MAX - US$499
Outback STX - US$399
Outback S-Lite - US$199
Outback AutoMate - US$199
Outback AC110 - US$199
Outback eDrive - US$299
Outback eDriveX - US$499
Outback A320 - US$399
Outback A321 - US$499
Outback Lightbar - US$199
Outback Switchbox - US$199
Outback MAX Rover - US$299
Outback S-Lite, AutoMate, and AC110 come with One-Year Standard Warranty, not ESP.


3 Years
(Additional 2 Years Over Standard)
2 Years Offered for Outback S-Lite, AutoMate, and AC110
1 Year

Exchange Service

Yes Yes

Software Revision Updates

Free Free

Damage Due To Power or High Voltage Electrical Surge

Covered Covered

Damage During Shipments

Covered Covered

Damage After Customer Receipt

Not Covered Not Covered

Shipping, Customer to Outback

Outback Paid
(Ground Service)
Outback Paid
(Ground Service)
Excluding S-Lite and AutoMate

Shipping, Outback to Customer

Outback Paid
(NDA & Saturday Delivery)
Outback Paid
(Ground Service)

Warranty & Returns

For assistance with any return or warranty questions, please call Outback Customer Service at (800) 247-3808 in the U.S. or (866) 888-4472 in Canada.

Email Customer Service

Have a question or a comment? Send us an email and we'll be glad to get back to you as soon as we can.